Online discount of 25%
Nuppu and Nallo trail, 1,5h

Vuokatti Safaris’ husky kennel invites you to come and experience the magic of dog sledding. Adults and teenagers can safely try driving themselves, children can enjoy the ride as passengers. Feel the excitement build up as the dogs are harnessed and put into their running teams. Vuokatti Safaris’ experienced guides will teach you the basics of driving the husky sled, then send you off on our Nuppu and Nallo winter trail. The trail itself is 500 m long and we’ll drive around it several times. After experiencing the husky sledding we’ll introduce you to our kennel and the lovely personalities inside.

Make the reservation now online and use the code HL2020 during the booking so you will get a 25% discount on the Nuppu and Nallo trail. This tour is on our weekly schedule on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:30 AM

The discount is available until 8.3.2020

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