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Vuokatti Safaris - Visit Husky Center

Visit Husky Center

Go and meet huskyfamily?

Weekly Schedule

Off to SUV Safari? or Husky Ride?


On to the waters with safe and high quality equipment!
Vuokatti Safaris - Husky Summer

Husky Activities

Experience dog sledding in the summer
SUV Safaris - Forest Water

SUV Safaris

Jump in to our SUV's and head to forest?
Vuokatti Safaris - canoeing

Water Activities

Canoeing to fresh waters?

Fishing Tours

Maybe Zander Fishing Trip?

Trekking & Nature Tours

Hiking in Vuokatti's forests?

Bear Watching

Bear Watching Evening?

Sun Tracker Cruises

Head for a Sunny Cruise?


Need for Speed?

Activities in Winter Season

Husky Safaris

Jump in to sledge ride?

Winter Weekly Schedule

For a Husky Ride? or Snowmobiling?


Ice Fishing? or Snow Shoeing? with quality equipment

Snowmobile Safaris

Snowmobiling to the wilderness?

Snowshoeing & Skiing

Climb to Vuokatti's hills with snowshoes?

Ice Fishing & Ice Bathing

Day out at Ice Fishing?

Northern Lights Adventures

See the Northern Lights beautiful colors?

Culinary Experiences

Try out Finnish Traditional Food?

Team Activities

A active day with work colleagues?