Fishing Week in Vuokatti

This fishing holiday package will provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime!

7 nights

Vuokatti, Finland
Min. 2 persons – max. 20 persons
Arrival any day of the week
Not suitable for disabled travel


This fishing holiday package will provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime. You will be using various methods fishing in rivers and lakes with an expert guide to direct you to the best fishing spots. The fish native to the area are trout, perch, grayling, pike and zander.



The order of activities can differ


Day 1

Arrival to Vuokatti with a rental car. Check-in to your accommodation Vuokatinmaa Holiday Apartments.

Days 2 & 3

First you will get to know Lake Nuasjärvi, located in Vuokatti, which forms a continuous lake basin of almost 30 kilometres. A fair number of vendace and smelt are found in this lake, hunted by predatory fish such as zander and trout. You will spend a day with our guide in a boat and in Vuokatti’s pure and pristine waters where you have a great chance for a good catch! With our experienced fishing guide you will find best fishing spots for these days. While fishing you can always admire the beautiful Vuokatti Hills from the water! Cold drinks and snacks included. Duration of daily program 4–5 hrs.

Days 4 & 5

On these days you will head to one of our several rivers and rapids in the area which are perfect for white-water anglers. We will provide you with maps, information & fishing license (guide does not accompany to the rivers). We will have you license for five rapids for three days, located 60-80 km from Vuokatti.

You could spend one day at the Pajakkakoski and Saarikoski rapids which are a lure fishing areas. Pajakkajoki, where rapids are located, is important for migratory trout, and an interesting fishing destination. Another spectacular rapids are Lentuankoski rapids. Lentuanjärvi, a lake in its natural state, is the starting point for the Lentuankoski rapids, famous for rafting and as a beauty spot. The waters of Lentuankoski veritably tumble down, spraying over rafters as they shoot the rapids. The total length of the rapids is 1,200 metres, with a drop of 5.3 metres. Located between lakes, the Lentuankoski rapids are even unfrozen in winter and remain open to anglers.

Days 6 & 7

Days for fishing at the rivers or at the lakes. Or if you don’t feel like fishing, there are plenty of other activities as well – hiking, husky-safaris, canoeing and bear watching to mention few. Or why don’t you bring your whole family – you can spend your time with fishing and your family at Vuokatti with its’ numerous activities.

Day 8

Check-out & departure.