Soft Adventure Week

Adventure package for anyone seeking a taste of Finland in our winter wonderland. Perfect for families and groups!

5 nights

Vuokatti, Finland
Min. 2 persons – max. 20 persons
Arrival any day of the week
Not suitable for disabled travel



The order of activities can differ


Day 1

Flight from your airport via Helsinki to Kajaani, transfer to your accommodation. Check-in and time to explore the resort.

Day 2

Today your experience in Finnish wilderness really starts. Transfer to the Husky Center where we invite you to come and experience the magic of dog sledding. Adults and teenagers can safely drive themselves, children can enjoy the ride as passengers. Feel the excitement build as the dogs are harnessed and put into their running teams. Vuokatti Safaris’ experienced guides will teach you the basics of driving a husky sled, then send you off on our Nuppu and Nallo winter trail. The trail is 0,5 km long and we’ll drive around it several times. We’ll also introduce you to our nearly 100 huskies’ day-to-day life. Duration of excursion 2hrs with transfers. Rest of the day you can explore the resort, go tobogganing or whatever you feel like – Vuokatti has plenty of choice.

Day 3

This is the day for everyone who loves roar of the engines. Transfer to the Safari Center for introduction and gearing up. Enjoy amazing winter scenery on a snowmobile safari! Your local guide will lead the way, as we drive safely into the winter wonderland by snowmobiles. We drive this safari with new Touring model snowmobiles – due to new technology they’re safer and more environmentally friendly as they produce lower emissions. On our way back we’ll stop for a break and enjoy hot drinks & sweet snacks. This safari suits well for beginners too. The route length is about 20 km and the duration of the excursion is 2,5- 3hrs with transfers. Rest of the day you can head to the ski slopes or try out other activities.

Day 4

Snowshoe adventure is the perfect way to explore Vuokatti’s winter landscape authentically. We’ll start by teaching you how to use the snowshoes. Then your local guide leads you to the snowy forest where you can enjoy amazing winter scenery. You will hear interesting stories about the history and nature of the Vuokatti area. Along the way, we’ll enjoy some hot drinks during the relaxing break. The route length is about 2 km. Perfect for families and groups! Duration of excursion 2hrs with transfers.

Day 5

The last day in the winter wonderland. Transfer to the Husky Center where you will be swept from the excitement of the arena out into the peaceful and surreal winter forests. Learn how to harness the sled dogs and practice the skill of driving over a long distance. This trail is 6 km long and you’ll drive it with traditional Björkis 2-person sled. You will be inspired by the peaceful motion and the beautiful scenery. Hot drinks included and duration of excursion 2,5hrs with transfers.

Day 6

Transfer to the airport and flight back home.