Traditional Finnish Culinary Experience

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Welcome to Finnish food culture to Kammi (Earth Lodge in English) which has a cozy, warm atmosphere. It is a place where you can enjoy a delicious warm meal for a special occasion or after an active outdoor day. Once you are inside the restaurant you can feel the warmth of the open fire and staffs’ hospitality – a truly unique experience! It will be an eye-opening night to Finnish food culture. You will be inspired by our bite-sized tastes which will fill your stomach with both salty and sweet delicacies. We have selected our small and uncomplicated portions from local food tradition and as the evening goes on, you will get familiar with our culinary history. You will try 18 different Finnish delicacies from the region which are nowadays savored all over the country. This will be a night to remember!

Your menu includes:
* Karelian pasty – Traditional pasties from the region of Karelia
* Egg butter – Butter mixed with chopped-up boiled egg
* Pine bark bread and butter – The light inner bark of the pine tree baked in a bread and buttter
* Grav whitefish – Whitefish can be found throughout the country and is often served as grav
* Finnish cheese made of cow beestings milk – Traditional Finnish delicacy made of cow beestings milk
* Pea soup and Turun Sinappi -mustard – Soup made of peas and pork served with mustard – specially with popular Turun Sinappi
* Fried vendace with dillbutter – Classical Finnish dish specially from Savonia area
* Finnish turnip pasty – traditional food from the Finnish region of North Karelia made from turnip and pork baked inside a loaf of bread
* Smoked salmon soup – Popular soup all over Finland specially in the summer
* Cold smoked reindeer – Reindeer meat is valued produce all over the country and are herded in Lapland
* Bear sausage – Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of the king of the forests?
* Sour milk – Sour milk is a popular beverage in Finland.
* Karelian hot pot with mashed potatoes – Traditional dish from the early 20th century from Karelia
* Rye bread and butter – Rye bread is most popular bread type in Finland and is still part of almost every meal
* Lingonberry pasty – Traditional delicacy from Kainuu
* Young sprout of spruce ice cream – taste is mild and slightly sweet and can be used in a salad when fresh, otherwise mostly used in syrups, with fish or as an ice cream
* Rye pudding and cream – traditional Finnish Easter dessert made from rye flour
* Finnish squeaky cheese, cloudberry jam and tar syrup – traditionally from Ostrobothnia, Lapland and Kainuu areas. Highly valued dessert all over Finland

DRINK PACKAGE + 40€ / person

* Birch sparkling wine – sparkling wine with a taste of flavours from finnish birch forest in springtime
* Moonshine schnapps – traditional finnish homemade vodka
* Tar schnapps – a liquor made with pine tar that has a smokey flavor
* + 2 glasses of wine or 2 beers


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