Exciting Northern Lights Drive

2 hrs | Schedule a time | Minimum group size 4 people

149 € / driver
109 € / passenger
89 € / child (under 15 yrs)

Incl. safari outfit and driving & safety instructions
Att! The driver must have valid drivers’ license

Not suitable for disabled travel

Welcome to enjoy the wild nature and beautiful wintery scenery of Vuokatti on snowmobiles. Our professional guide gives instructions for driving and information about snowmobiles before we start driving. Driving a snowmobile on a dusk is exciting even if you have some experience with snowmobile.

With a bit of luck we will admire natures’ fantastic natural show of Aurora borealis. We drive this safari with brand new 2016 Touring model snowmobiles – due to new technology it’s safer and more environmentally friendly as it produces lower emissions. On our way back we’ll stop for a break and enjoy hot drinks & snacks.

Magic of the Northern Lights

2 hrs | This program is also on our weekly schedule | Minimum group size 4 people

99 € / adult 69 € / child (4-14yrs)

Incl. needed gear & safety instructions

Not suitable for disabled travel

When the the nature is covered by the dusk the magical Northern Lights will appear on the sky. This showshoe adventure is the perfect way to explore winter landscape authentically and with a bit of luck you might see the amazing show of Aurora borealis.

This trip starts from Safari Center where from you’ll head up to the Vuokatti hills enjoying amazing snowy forest and peaceful nature. From the top of the hill view is amazing with all the lights shining from the village. After the walk you’ll enjoy some hot drinks and snacks while listening to guides stories of the nature. Perfect for families and groups!

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Howling Northern Lights Tour

3 hrs | This programme is also on our weekly schedule

209 € / adult | 129 € / child (4-14 yrs)
We drive 2 persons / sled

Incl. safari outfit and driving & safety instructions

Not suitable for disabled travel

Truly unique husky adventure on our 12 km trail when the night falls. Come and join us to our beautiful route with a scenery of Vuokatti Hills and with a good luck the amazing show of Aurora Borealis. Travel across amazing landscapes with only the sound of your dog team breathing and their paws hitting the trail. This route runs on snow covered meadows, fields and forest. The trails is 12km long which takes approximately 1 hour (depending on weather).

After an hour of husky sledding it is time to get to know our always friendly dogs better on a tour in our husky arena. Plenty of time to take photos and pet the dogs. After meeting the huskies, delicious picnic dinner is waiting at our cozy cafeteria.

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Northern Lights Husky Adventure

4 hrs | Schedule a time | Minimum group size 4 people

269 € / adult | 169 € / child (4-14 yrs)
We drive 2 persons / sled

Incl. safari outfit and driving & safety instructions

Not suitable for disabled travel

Embrace the romance and beauty of the Finnish winter wonderland.

Set of at night by dog sled. Powerful headlights cut through the darkness of the enchanted winter forest. As the forest gives way to the open frozen lake, on a clear night the heavens open up before your eyes hopefully offering up the spectacular scenery of the northern lights.

Relax by the warmth of the fire in our traditional Mongolian Yurt as your guide serves up a traditional and delicious picnic dinner, then step outside for another spectacular view of the night sky. Driving distance is 20km and driving time 1h30 minutes to 2 hours depending on weather.

Come and enjoy this unique adventure – this peaceful relaxing tour will glisten in your memory for a long time to come.


All of our programmes are guided.

All of our programmes include safety and driving instructions.

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