Vuokatti Safaris Team Olympics

2 hrs | Schedule a time | Group size 6 to 100 people

79 € / person, minimum 790 € / grp. For groups over 20 people – ask for an offer!

Vuokatti Safaris Team Olympics is a fun group program in which your group competes in a variety of humorous team sports. With years of professional experience, we will organize a memorable team day for your group. Relax, have fun and laugh with each other!

We’ll start by doing a nice warm-up together. Your group is divided into two or more racing teams that compete against each other. Competitions are safe and suitable for everyone. Vuokatti Safaris Team Olympics can be carried out anywhere, so the program can also be ordered anywhere in Vuokatti or outside the Vuokatti area.


1) Horseshoe Nailing

Relay race in which teams attach the horseshoe to the log.

2) Cross-country Skiing

Funny relay race on traditional forest skis is possible all year long – the best style will be rewarded!

3) Square Puzzle

A puzzle solving task in which the teams pile up the right kind of object out of given blocks.

4) Blind Tractor Driver

A fun ride with a garden tractor! The blind driver is adventuring on the track, guided by a group.

5) Disc Golf

Disc golf accuracy competition!

Finally, we will conduct the awards ceremony in which the winners of the day will be rewarded with festive ceremonies. At the end of the fun day, we will end the Olympics with final words and relaxed flexing!

Vuokatti Games

2 hrs | Schedule a time | Group size 6 to 100 people

79 € / person, minimum 790 € / grp. For groups over 20 people – ask for an offer!

Have fun with your co-workers, clients or team members while getting to know Vuokatti!

We’ll start this programme on the top of the Vuokatti hills surrounded by the inspirational hill scenery. First we’ll have a welcome ceremony then we’ll warm-up and create teams. We’ll hike one of Vuokatti’s classic hiking trails and have four funny team contests. Ultimately, we’ll give the awards for the winners! Cold/hot (depending on weather) juice included. Great for teams, companies and organizations!


All of our programmes are guided.

All of our programmes include safety and driving instructions.

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You can book a tour by telephone, by email or via this form. Please notice the minimum group size of each programme.

Guaranteed departures are also available. These departures do not require minimum group size. Guaranteed departures can also be booked and paid forward on our online shop. We’re looking forward to having you as our guests. You’re warmly welcome!




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