Visit to the Husky Centre

1 hr | MON–SAT at 11:00 / 11am | 3.6. – 2.11.2019

19 € / adult 12 € / child (4-14 yrs)

Meet our friendly dogs! Our guide will introduce you to the energetic world of the huskies.

You’ll get to know our charming husky individuals and hear about their behavior, training and care. Funny glutton contest included. Program is available at any weather.

Husky Mercedes Ride

1,5 hrs | MON–SAT at 10:00 / 10am | 3.6. – 2.11.2019

59 € / adult, 39 € / child (4–14 yrs)

Incl. safari outfit if needed & safety instructions

Experience dog sledding in the summer with our “Husky Mercedes”! Ten huskies pull this specially adapted cart on wheels around the circuit.

Program includes harnessing the dogs with guide and husky ride about 1,5 km depending on temperature. Program includes Tour in Husky Arena so you’ll get to meet all of our 80 wonderful husky personalities.

Canoe Trip

2 hrs | THU at 13:00 / 1pm | 3.6. – 30.9.2019

79 € / adult 49 € / child (4-14 yrs)

Incl. needed gear and safety instructions

A relaxing guided canoe trip suitable for families and beginners. We teach you how to paddle and and we’ll provide tips along the way if needed. Enjoy Finnish nature while paddling on calm water! Refreshing juice and snacks included.

Fishing Trip for Two

3 hrs | MON at 10:00 / 10am | 3.6. – 30.9.2019

299 € / fishing trip

Incl. safari outfit and safety instructions

In Vuokattis’ pure and pristine waters you will have a great chance for a good catch! Our experienced fishing guide will show you his best fishing spots and teach you different methods in fishing. The fish native to the area are trout, perch, pike and pike perch. And while fishing you can always admire the beautiful Vuokatti Hills from the water!

Finnish Nature Tour

2 hrs |  TUE at 11:00 / 11am | 3.6. – 31.10.2019

59 € / adult, 39 € / child 4-14 yrs

This tour is perfect for families or anyone who wants to learn more about Finnish nature. Enjoy the beautiful nature and views from top of Vuokatti hills. Stop at a wooden hut where you will be making fire with help of your guide. Sit down while the guide tells you about how people used to live in this area in the older days and how the forest was key for their living. Enjoy delicious snacks you cook by an open fire and take a sip from your drink. Length of the walk max 1km. Depending the season berry picking can be also included in the program (cloudberries/blueberries July, blueberries/lingonberries August/September).

Bear Watching Evening

10 hrs |  SAT at 14:00 (2 pm) | 1.6. – 30.9.2019

280 € / prs | minimum 4 persons
235 € / prs | minimum 6 persons
200 € / prs | minimum 10 persons

rec. age over 10 yrs

Welcome to Finnish wilderness where you can experience Europes’ largest carnivore in the nature! The Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) is the national symbol of Finland and can weight up to 300kg. Truly an unforgettable experience and the best opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime from the comfort and safety of our specially designed hides. Our first-class wild animal observation place is located near Vuokatti in Kuhmo. In this area, large carnivores have been photographed for over 30 years as it provides an excellent opportunity to see and photograph wolverines, bears and wolves. Especially wolverines and bears are frequent visitors of this area.

At 2 pm transfer from Vuokatti to bear hide. You’ll be escorted to a wooden hide where you can safely wait for the appearance of the bears. There is one seat for everyone with a camera hole and the hide has a dry toilet. Packed picnic food is provided for the evening. After magical evening accompanied by bears, at 9.30pm you will be escorted back to our bus and transfer back to Vuokatti.

Live Like a Musher

1 or 2 days | Schedule a time | Minimum group size 2 people

129 € / person / one day incl. one guided day at the Husky Center
199 € / person / two days incl. two guided days at the Husky Center

Incl. needed gear & safety instructions

Vuokatti Safaris welcomes you to join our team at the Husky Center where you will experience the daily life of a husky musher during summer and autumn time. We will teach you about the culture and history of mushing and you will be taking part to all daily tasks with the guide. This is the best opportunity to learn about the life of arctic huskies and their careers through the seasons – what they eat, how we train them and how we take care of them.

We have a little bit under 100 huskies, both Alaskan & Siberian huskies. You will learn about the differences between the breeds and what they are all best suited to. Most of our dogs live two dogs per cage and all of them have a doghouse. We have several running areas for the dogs where they can have a daily run and play with each other. Our dogs are our family members, and all our guides knows each of them individually – and we are happy to introduce all of them to you!

Each day at the Husky Center is different, also depending on the time of the year. In the summer huskies might enjoy the sun lazily, splash with water in the dog pool or be very playful with each other. Then again in the autumn time training for the winter has started and dogs need to be trained daily. During summer and autumn we also might have puppies which of course need extra attention.

Example Itinerary of a Day

9:00 am Arrival to the Husky Center. Cleaning the cages & running time for the dogs
11:30 Lunch break (please bring your own)
12:30 Training the dogs with our Huskycart with wheels
14:00 Feeding the dogs
15:00 Taking care of the dogs & checking that all have water for the night
16:00 End of the day

Come and join us for a day or two – our dogs are waiting for you! Dogs are always very pleased to get your attention and will reward you with their kindness and love.

Please note that daily program changes every day – it might include a cartwheel ride with the huskies or huskytrekking. But also it might be that the day is spent with the dogs without any special activities – cleaning & feeding & playing with & training the dogs.

Meals & accommodation are not included. Please bring your own food. We can also help you with accommodation booking.


All of our programmes are guided.

All of our programmes include safety and driving instructions.

+358 40 9115 323

Reservations on previous day before 16:00 / 4 pm. You can book a tour by telephone, by email or via this form. Minimum group size is 4 people to make a tour come true.

Guaranteed departures are also available. These departures do not require minimum group size. Guaranteed departures can also be booked and paid forward on our online shop. We’re looking forward to having you as our guests. You’re warmly welcome!




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