Snowshoe Adventure

2 hrs | This programme is also on our weekly schedule
Minimum group size 4 people

59 € / adult 39 € / child (4-14 yrs)

Incl. needed gear and safety instructions

Snowshoe adventure is the perfect way to explore Vuokatti’s winter landscape authentically. We’ll start from our Safari Center where we’ll teach you how to use the snowshoes. We’ll head up to the Vuokatti hills and enjoy the snowy forest and amazing winter scenery.

After the walk we’ll enjoy some hot drinks and snacks during the relaxing break. Perfect for families and groups!

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Snowshoeing in the Vuokatti Wilderness

4 hrs | Schedule a time
Minimum group size 4 people

99 € / adult 69 € / child (4-14 yrs)

Incl. needed gear and safety instructions

On this snowshoeing Safari you will get to know Finnish forest as its’ purest. Start is from Safari Center where you will be geared up with snowshoes. Transfer up to the Vuokatti hills where from the snowshoe safari starts. Within minutes you’ll be surrounded by the forest and silence. Your guide will lead you deeper in the forest while telling you about snow-covered nature and Vuokatti Hills.

After snowshoeing for an hour or so, stop at a wooden hut where you will be making fire with help of your guide. Sit down while the guide tells you about how people used to live in this area in the older days and how the forest was key for their living. Enjoy delicious snacks you cook by an open fire and take a sip from your warm drink.

Some time for exploring the nature yourself and walk back to the parking lot. You will be energized, refreshed and in peace after escaping to the middle of the wildlife.

Ice-bathing in a Frozen Lake

1 hr | Minimum group size 4 prs

99 € / prs, rec. age over 15 yrs Incl. suit and safety instructions

If you want to try something extreme – we can promise that ice-bathing in a frozen lake is solution! First you’ll jump in waterproof suit and you’re ready for a refreshing bath! We admit that the idea of floating in a frozen lake does seem quite frightening, but we promise it’ll be fun! Once in the water the feeling is incredible. You will soon realize that it is warmer (or less cold, depending on the point of view) in the water than on the ice. As a matter of fact, the water is never colder than zero degrees – any less and it would freeze.

Scenic Fatbike Tour

2 hrs | Minimum group size 4 people

89 € / person, age rec. over 15 yrs

Incl. needed gear and safety instructions

Join us for an amazing fatbike winter adventure with beautiful views of Vuokatti Hills. With a fatbike you can even cycle on snow and we can promise you fun afternoon outdoors. You will enjoy our snowy trails which takes you through pine forests and snow-covered fields. There is no better way to spend your afternoon, our experienced local guide leading your way. Snacks included.

Magic of the Northern Lights

2 hrs | Schedule a time | Minimum group size 4 people

89 € / adult
59 € / child (under 15 yrs)

Incl. needed gear & safety instructions

 Delicious soup lunch for groups +20 € / person

When the the nature is covered by the dusk the magical Northern Lights will appear on the sky. This showshoe adventure is the perfect way to explore winter landscape authentically and with a bit of luck you might see the amazing show of Aurora borealis.

This trip starts from Safari Center where from you’ll head up to the Vuokatti hills enjoying amazing snowy forest and peaceful nature. From the top of the hill view is amazing with all the lights shining from the village. After the walk you’ll enjoy some hot drinks and snacks while listening to guides stories of the nature. Perfect for families and groups!

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